Agent Testimonials

It pays to Keep In Touch!
"A client called me after receiving a KIT letter that mentioned a type of retirement plan that piqued her interest. She had some things in place but wasn't sure if they were the right things.

I met with her and we have submitted an annuity application so she can be assured that her retirement dollars are protected!"

~ Karyn Mousel

Denise Castollio

KIT Brings New Protection to Old Clients.
"I am so fired up! I sat down with another one of my clients this weekend and was able to help them with additional protection needs. He has been my client for over 4 years, and because of the constant correspondence with him I was able to put in place 3 applications for just over $4005AP of additional coverage he needed and uncovered a $60,000 annuity!"

~ Jeremy Patton

Jeremy Patton

Thank You KIT Marketing
"I was wondering when I would get my first hit from KIT Marketing, and finally did last night. I converted a term policy into a whole life for a client you helped me get back in touch with. I have been with NAA over four years, but only using KIT for one of those. Although I consistently made a six figure income, I had never done this before for a client. Thank you, KIT, for helping me to continually help my clients. This one app was well worth the few dollars it took to generate the lead!"

~ Chadwick Ray

Chadwick Ray
Successful Done what ever!