How It Works

Create Profile, Add Contacts, and Fund Account

KIT Marketing helps you "keep in touch" with your friends, family, clients and sales prospects. We are a behind-the-scenes service that allows you to personally communicate to others with ease.

No longer do you have to stress over writing your own letters or finding new ways to reach out to your prospect list. KIT Marketing handles nearly everything for you.

Our professional copywriters write your letters for you. Then we mail those letters to the people you most want to communicate to. We even provide ways for your prospects to respond directly to you.

We do all of this through your name and your business. Your client list does not have to know about us. The letters they receive come "directly" from you, with your name, contact info, signature and even photograph.

KIT is a fantastic way for you to regularly communicate to those in your "warm market."

Through this regular personal communication, you will establish a rapport with your clients and your prospects. Then, when they need the goods or services you provide, you will be the first person they contact.

Successful Done what ever!